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Our Commitment - Our Passion
Sunflower believes that people with developmental disabilities CAN ACHIEVE and HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROVE IT.

Sunflower provides services for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Sunflower had its beginning in 1966 when family members and other community citizens established a program for children, and in 1969, a program for adults with disabilities was started.

Sunflower remains the only full service provider in this area that offers programs for all ages, from birth through retirement.

Sunflower’s mission is to assist individuals in becoming as independent as possible, and to maintain that independence as long as possible. Sunflower believes that a disability should never prevent a person from living the most fulfilling life possible; nor should that individual ever shy away from participating in everything the community has to offer.

We are proud of our history and stand committed to the values that have anchored our organization from the first day we opened our doors over fifty years ago.

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