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"The art studio makes me happy and I can be myself there." - a quote from a client we serve.

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Sunflower Diversified Services Inc. (SDS)  in Central Kansas has been focused on serving people with developmental and intellectual disabilities for over one half century.  It is our vision to facilitate a journey to help them achieve independence through a variety of vocational opportunities.  Beautiful Minds Art Studio is an actual art studio and is not just a way to provide an "activity" or "craft time".  The studio plays a significant role in working to accomplish SDS' goal of providing opportunities to the people we serve to be able to achieve his/her fullest potential while participating in and contributing to all aspects of life.  When the artist begin a project, they start with something they look at as just a canvas, brush, or mound of clay.  They work with their project and put their feelings and personality into it.  By the time they are finished, they've expressed themselves in a way words never could.



8:30AM  -  12:00PM

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