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"reduce reuse recycle"


Our award-winning recycling operation sets the standard for Central and Western Kansas recyclers and provides a variety of employment opportunities. We offer regular pickups from area counties and businesses, as well as a convenient drop-off location in Great Bend for residential customers.

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Sunflower Diversified Recycling currently provides confidential shredding services for a large number of local and area businesses.  Material is picked up by Sunflower personnel, placed into locked containers and transported to our Recycling Facility at 8823 4th St in Great Bend.  Short of burning the material in your own office, it’s hard to imagine a more definitive method of confidential destruction.


  • Certification provided for your permanent records

  • Industrial equipment for high volume – up to 800 lbs. per hour

  • Shredded files baled and shipped to paper mills and recycled into pulp for complete destruction

  • 2 locations: 5605 10th drop-in services or by appointment @ 8823 4th St.

sunflower manufacturing


Sunflower’s Manufacturing Plant revolves around confidential shredding, mailer preparation and inserting, packaging and re-packaging, and assembly services. Sunflower’s staff and clients guarantee quality and satisfaction; our competitive pricing guarantees savings of up to 40%.

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